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*Our playlists are grown organically and therefore have a high number of active listeners :)

What Customers Say:

The most amazing thing is, that Dantec really loves to get new music for his lists. He shared and provided awesome feedback!

Fast response, great feedback, and very easy to work with. Also Dantec's Spotify Playlist Submission is legendary!

Dantec Delivers! Great quality spotify playlists with genuine followers. Highly recommended! 10/10

Fast response and good share with reach :) Recommended! Thanks for support!


Spotify Playlist Submission:

to over 35.000 active Spotify listeners!

Please choose the service which fits your needs:

Best Value


- 1 track

- guaranteed listen

- response within 72h

- if we like your track, it will be added to our network


- 2 tracks

- guaranteed listen

- response within 48h

- if we like your track(s), it/they will be added to our network

- detailed feedback by industry professional


- 3 tracks 

- guaranteed listen

- response within 24h

- if we like your track(s), it/they will be added to our network & shared in an instagram story (@dantecofficial, 12k)

- detailed feedback by industry professional

Need guaranteed promotion?


What can I expect from a playlist ad?

This depends on the number of playlists you get added, the position and which playlist. Depending on these factors you can expect about 50-500 organic Streams/day! On top of that the chance is high that listeners add your song(s) to their library, which can trigger the Spotify algorithm to start pushing your songs into Spotify's algorithmic playlists.

Do you also sell playlist placements?

Simple Answer: No. Our goal is to connect artists to real and active Spotify listeners! Therefore to maintain the quality of the tracks for the playlist listeners and also the quality of streams of our playlists for you guys, we currently don't sell any promotional packages.

What are the preferred genres for the playlists?

Car Boost 2020: Deep/Slap House, G-House, Trap, Goa (basically anything that is nice for driving in your sports car) Deep & Dance: Deep/Slap House, Melodic House, House Poolside House: Tropical House, Deep House, House DRIVE FAST: Same like "Car Boost 2020".

Why are there different service packages?

To manage all the submissions we get organically through Spotify (like yours) we had to devide this service into different priority levels. But don't worry: No matter which service you choose, we will listen to EVERY SINGLE submission!

Is a placement guaranteed?

No. The fee you pay is for listening your music and some other extras, which are defined in the packages (see packages). Though I am happy for new music for my playlists and I will share anything that fits! You can higher your chances, if you do the following: - Listen to the playlists first ( see playlists) - Make sure the mixing quality of your track is on a good level - Be patient, if I don't share your music this time!

Submission Checklist

Please make sure you fulfill the following criteria BEFORE submitting: - Your track suits the playlists ( listen here) - Your track's quality is on a good level (doesn't need to be perfect, but listenable) - Your track is NOT a unofficial Remix or Mashup

How do we promote our playlists?

Our playlists are curated with love and promoted via Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Spotify Ads and direct placements on out channels! We are very proud for having a real & active following ( listen here)