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1.000+ Spotify Playlist E-mail Adresses [Instant Download]



Describtion: Our Mailing List for sale to you! Profit from our experience and get our full and up-to-date Promo List! The list lets you send e-mails to Spotify Playlist Curators in a few clicks! The Excel has a build-in function to send an e-mail to a specific curator from the list by clicking the "New E-mail" button next to the curator's e-mail adress. It then automatically fills out the Subject of your message and puts in our ready-to-use e-mail template. All you have to do is leave it, change it or add your song's link to the e-mail template and click send. This way you can send e-mails to curators in seconds without spamming them or hurting their privacy!





  • 1.000+ Playlists E-mail Adresses Excel Sheet with:
    • 1487 Curators' E-mail Adresses
    • Curators' Name
    • Playlist Size
    • Playlist's Describtion
    • Hyper-Links to Playlist & Spotify User (Clickable Links)
    • Curators' social media (if available)
    • Including filtering options by category


  • "Ready-to-send" E-mail Template, used by our Team with success


  • Our quality requirements:
    • Only playlists with 500+ followers
    • Up to date & working
    • Instant download

1.000+ Spotify Playlist E-mail Adresses [Instant Download]

100,00 € Standardpreis
35,00 €Sale-Preis
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